Josh Auzins

Auzins, Josh
180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ

Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Geocast, An ad hoc protocol for addressing messages to geographic areas and its public safety and gaming applications

Technical Documents

Scaling Up a Geographic Addressing System
Robert Hall, Josh Auzins, John Chapin, Barry Fell
2013 IEEE Military Communications Conference,  2013.  [PDF]  [BIB]

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Scalable Geocasting for Vehicular Communications
Rajesh Panta, Rittwik Jana, Robert Hall, Josh Auzins, Vaneet Aggarwal
IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, 2011,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

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Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks
Rajesh Panta, Robert Hall, Josh Auzins, Maria Fernandez
IEEE Conference on Network Protocols,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

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