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Bringing (Web) Databases to the Masses
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Darkstar is a comprehensive network data resource and architecture that normalizes data from across AT&T networks and makes it easily accessible from one place.

CHI Scan (Computer Human Interaction Scan)
CHI Scan is a real-time, web-based tool for analyzing call data and customer information in IVR systems. An interactive interface makes it easy to locate events and access, filter, and compare data.

Saha, Barna
Senior Member of the Research

U-MAP: A System for Usage-Based Schema Matching and Mapping
ABSTRACT This demo shows how usage information buried in query logs can play a central role in data integration and data exchange. More specifically, our system U-Map uses query

Online Data Fusion
contains a significant volume of structured data in various domains, but a lot of data are dirty and erroneous, and they can be propagated through copying. While data

Data Integration Enginer AT&T Labs Research is building a Big Data analytical platform integrating multiple very large-scale data sources. At AT&T Labs, you wil

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AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.